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Beneficial Electrification League (BEL)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting
beneficial electrification of the economy.

What is Beneficial Electrification?

Beneficial Electrification includes the application of electricity to end-uses where doing so satisfies at least one of the following conditions, without adversely affecting the others:

  • Saves consumers money over time;
  • Benefits the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Improves product quality or consumer quality of life;
  • Fosters a more robust and resilient grid

BE programs are a valuable opportunity to engage both electric utilities and environmental groups in the effort to identify solutions that work well for the end-use consumer, local communities and the environment.

Latest News

$9 Billion for Home Energy Upgrades—But Can We Invest It Wisely?
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will pay up to $14,000 upfront for a low- or moderate-income family to efficiently electrify and weatherize their home, with lower but still generous rebates available to all households.
November 2022
Electric Buses: A Win-Win-Win for Schools, Rural Utilities, and GHG Mitigation
There’s a lot to like about electric school buses: lower operating costs, healthier air for riders and neighbors, no direct GHG emissions, a quieter ride, more torque for climbing steep slopes, electricity revenues and the potential for V2G demand response for utilities.
November 2022
BEL Continues to Provide Input to DOE on How to Invest Billions for Grid Resilience and Innovation
As a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, DOE, USDA and EPA have tens of billions of dollars to invest in the electricity system, including has $10.5 billion to spend over five years to, “prevent outages and enhance the resilience of the electric grid, deploy technologies to enhance grid flexibility, and demonstrate innovative approaches to power sector infrastructure resilience and reliability.”
November 2022

Sponsor Spotlight

Steffes Reaches for the Holy Grail of Efficient Water Heating with Origin

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BEL’s Vision

Our vision of the future is for beneficial electrification to be broadly accepted as a necessary strategy to meet economic, consumer and environmental goals.

BEL’s Mission

Our mission is to increase understanding on the benefits of electrification by promoting the market acceptance of beneficial electrification, educate policy makers on the value, benefits and tools of Beneficial Electrification and serve as a conduit and facilitator of BE resources.

What We Do

Graphic: Beneficial Electrification Collaboration

Facilitating Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration, including State-level dialogues and initiatives.
Our state-level meetings have engaged over 1,000 in-person stakeholders in a collaborative dialogue to promote the benefits of end-use electrification.

Graphic: Beneficial Electrification Research & Development

Targeted Research & Development Facilitation and Support.
Our ongoing research efforts bring new understanding to topics ranging from grid-interactive appliances (such as water heaters) and dual fuel space heating systems to electric grain drying and electric forklifts.

Graphic: Beneficial Electrification Market Research

Market Research, Education, and Toolkits.
Our market research is helping to craft messages that are inclusive to the diverse stakeholders and programs that are effective in local communities.