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BEL Grant Assistance Tracker

Since the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was enacted in 2021, BEL has been hard at work providing grant assistance to utility coalitions, municipalities, cooperatives, and Tribes across the country. In total, our team has led and worked with applications for projects totaling $10B+ across 30+ states.

In the cases where applications aren't awarded, BEL works with utilities to develop visions and strategies for executing on electrification and looks for other opportunities to develop their projects.


17 projects in negotiations so far. BEL supported 100 total projects. 4,000 MW solar, 2,000 MW wind, 2,000 MW storage. $4B in grants, $8B in loans. Annual GHG reductions of 22+ million tons.

GRIP Round 1

Approximately $300M awarded as a result of applications spanning more than 15 states, 16 co-ops, 2 municipal utilities, and a tribal utility.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

BEL supported two Tribal applications requesting a total of $1.1M in electrification funding. One has already been awarded and the other is awaiting a decision.

Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants (EECBG)

BEL supported two competitive program funding applications for local government coalitions, including a winning application for Littleton, MA, as well as statewide formula funding efforts enabling dozens of cities to apply in MA, VT, SD, CA, NC, DE, FL, AL, IN, CA, ND, MN, and IA.

Energy Future Grants

BEL supported numerous $500,000 award winners. Phase 1 awards list. Colorado Energy Office (CO); Littleton, MA cohort of 25 municipalities across MA & DE; City of River Falls, WI; Hawai'i Energy Office.

GRIP Round 2

BEL supported 8 percent of concept papers that moved forward nationally from the first down selection. BEL supported final applications from MA, IN, OK, NM, NY, NJ, PA, AL, GA, SD, MN, IA, ND and NE for applications of over $100M.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

BEL was awarded a $500,000 grant to support Building Appalachia’s Infrastructure which will help Appalachian utilities enable electrification, (GA, NY, PA, TN) (ARCO-GRIP); ARISE. BEL supported an ARC POWER application from cooperatives in NY, NJ, and PA.

Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas (ERA)

BEL supported applications from GA, KS, and SD to help build clean energy and infrastructure that would enable beneficial electrification in underserved areas.

BIL Section 40101(d) - Grid Resilience Grants

BEL is supporting applications for more than $40M in infrastructure funding for utilities in IN, ME, PA, DE, NY, NC, and AZ.

Map of BEL Grant Assistance by State