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Over $100,000 awarded to support beneficial electrification by utilities, farms and consumer groups in five states

Beneficial Electrification League to fund innovations to drive energy savings and environmental benefits for groups in Montana, Indiana, South Dakota, Iowa and North Carolina

North Carolina Beneficial Electrification Grants Winner

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) has awarded over $100,000 in grants for five innovative projects that will deploy advanced electric technologies to save money for farmers and families, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve comfort and indoor air quality and make regional electric grids more robust and resilient.

“These projects will demonstrate how beneficial electrification can support local and national economic development and environmental goals while benefiting farmers and low-income families,” said Gary Connett, co-chair of the league’s board. “The overwhelming response to our request for proposals shows the huge appetite in America for these kinds of initiatives.”

The five funded projects include:

  1. In Indiana, Hoosier Energy will use waste heat recovery technology in poultry barns to reduce gas consumption. The cost savings will benefit farmers economically, while the project’s results—including data on improvements in poultry health—will be shared with
    other utilities to help promote beneficial electrification in poultry and other livestock industries.
  2. In South Dakota, Central Electric Cooperative will partner with a Polaris dealer near Mitchell, South Dakota to demonstrate electric utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) to farmers, tribal landowners and other users who could benefit economically and environmentally by switching from gas-powered UTVs to electric models.
  3. In North Carolina, White Rock Farms will partner with Pee Dee Electric and North Carolina Electric Cooperatives to convert an animal waste lagoon pumping system from a diesel engine to a large single-phase electric motor—a more affordable electrification
    option than the typical three-phase power used to manage livestock wastes.
  4. In Iowa, Winneshiek Energy District will provide home energy audits and electrification coaching to rural households to help families reduce energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce system electric peak demand and improve indoor comfort and air quality.
  5. In Montana, Beartooth Electric Cooperative will partner with Red Lodge Area Community Foundation (RLACF) – an affordable housing organization – and Helena Habitat for Humanity to showcase a model all-electric home with a cold-climate, mini-split ductless heat pump and other alternatives to the gas- and propane-fueled systems typically used in Rocky Mountain homes.

BEL thanks the following sponsors and donors for making these grants possible: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), Tri-State G&T, Dakota Electric Association, Tracker Sled, and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, among others. Visit the BEL website for a full list of current BEL Sponsors and how you can contribute.

About BEL:

The Beneficial Electrification League is a non-profit organization that works to advance beneficial electrification through smart policies, best practices, technological education and business model innovation. Visit

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