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Electrify Ammonia & Fertilizer Initiative

Electrifying U.S. fertilizer production

The Beneficial Electrification League is building support for ammonia produced using electricity instead of natural gas. Ammonia produced using domestically generated electricity can help ensure access to lower-cost fertilizer and contribute to decarbonizing the agricultural sector.

Value and Opportunity


Electrified ammonia production opens an array of possible benefits to agricultural producers and their surrounding communities, from reducing carbon dioxide emissions to enabling energy storage for renewable resources. Local production of ammonia for fertilizer can also protect producers against international supply chain volatility and, at the same time, boost local economic development. To achieve the significant carbon dioxide reductions that make this technology attractive to a variety of stakeholders, the ammonia must be produced with predominantly zero carbon electricity. As with any emerging-stage technology, education and greater public understanding are essential.

The Beneficial Electrification League plans to:

  1. Lay the groundwork for a consortium of utility and agricultural stakeholders interested in pursuing ammonia projects and research
  2. Solicit business case studies and engage agricultural producers, policymakers, and the electricity sector in a conversation about electrifying ammonia production
  3. Develop electrify research and communications materials about electrifying ammonia production

Producing ammonia using electricity is a tremendous opportunity for rural energy stakeholders.

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