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Colorado Electrification Infrastructure Summit Webinar


October 25, 2023
11:00 am (MDT) - 12:00 pm (MDT)

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BEL-CO logo and Electrification Infrastructure in sunset

Webinar/Virtual Meeting

All the major utilities in Colorado are now offering substantial rebates for heat pumps and heat pump water heaters (HPWHs), and state and federal tax credits are also available. In addition, new low-cost financing options are becoming readily available, making energy efficiency and electrification improvements even more attractive. In addition, many HVAC contractors and plumbers have attended training sessions on proper installation and maintenance of heat pumps and HPWHs. Not surprisingly, we are seeing many new installations of electric space and water heating in new and existing homes, and we expect this to grow in the next 5-10 years. What will be the impact of all this on our electrical grid? Are utilities properly planning for the additional generation and distribution resources that will be needed at some point?

Join us for this free 60-minute webinar for a discussion of the key points on the potential grid impacts of building electrification in Colorado, based on our utilities’ own recent studies and other research, as well as best practices to minimize those impacts. We will also provide important updates on a new on-bill repayment program being offered by a growing number of utilities through the Colorado Clean Energy Fund.


Grid Impacts

Jake Straus, Senior Analyst on Cadmus’ Program Performance and Design Team, has 5 years of experience working in electrification and renewable energy deployment. He currently manages a heat pump electrification study for the New York State Research and Development Authority, and he has experience with vehicle-to-grid integration efforts and energy efficiency potential studies.

Holden Keegan, Analyst on Cadmus’ Distributed Energy Resources Team, has experience with case studies related to grid resilience activities in the northeast, building electrification projects in Wyoming, multiple electric utility potential studies in Oregon, and utility greenhouse gas studies.

On-Bill Repayment

Emily Richardson, Program Manager at Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), is the program lead for CCEF’s tariff on-bill repayment program. She also has experience with federal climate and clean energy policy, utility product strategy, and decarbonization consulting.

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