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Beneficial Electrification News


$9 Billion for Home Energy Upgrades—But Can We Spend It Wisely?
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will pay up to $14,000 upfront for a low- or moderate-income family to efficiently electrify and weatherize their home, with lower but still generous rebates available to all households.
November 2022

Electric Buses: A Win-Win-Win for Schools, Rural Utilities, and GHG Mitigation
There’s a lot to like about electric school buses: lower operating costs, healthier air for riders and neighbors, no direct GHG emissions, a quieter ride, more torque for climbing steep slopes, electricity revenues and the potential for V2G demand response for utilities.
November 2022

BEL Continues to Provide Input to DOE on How to Invest Billions for Grid Resilience and Innovation
Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, DOE has $10.5 billion to spend over five years to, “prevent outages and enhance the resilience of the electric grid, deploy technologies to enhance grid flexibility, and demonstrate innovative approaches to power sector infrastructure resilience and reliability.”
November 2022

Electric Buses Coming to Rural and Small Communities Across the Country
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) heralded the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcement that 389 school districts will be receiving new electric school buses funded by the EPA’s Clean Bus Program.
October 2022

“Colorado Electrification Leadership Summit” Oct. 27 Convenes Energy Leaders, Highlights New Federal Incentives
Billions of dollars in grants, tax credits, and other federal funding coming for electric transportation infrastructure, city and utility electrification programs, electrifying residential and commercial buildings, upgrading school buildings and fleets, weatherizing & electrifying low-income housing, and more.
October 2022

BEL Announces CoBank Support for Electric School Bus Initiative
Today the Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) announced foundational sponsorship support from CoBank to support the League’s ongoing electric school bus initiative. The grant will support BEL’s outreach to utilities and school districts encouraging participation in a federally funded electric school bus rebate program for the year ahead.
September 2022

Sponsor Spotlight
Steffes Reaches for the Holy Grail of Efficient Water Heating with Origin

To realize the full benefits of electrifying the U.S. economy, water heating in millions of homes must be converted from gas or propane to efficient electric technologies. And converting multi-family buildings to efficient heat pump water heating is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of residential electrification...
September 2022

Webinar: Inflation Reduction Act Programs Supporting Electrification and Efficiency
Beneficial Electrification League CEO Keith Dennis and Ryan Dougherty, COO at the Geothermal Exchange Organization, break down the many provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act supporting energy efficiency, weatherization and electrification in this webinar.
August 2022

Keith Dennis, BEL CEO, interviewed by KLAS Las Vegas about "Electrify Nevada"
Clark County looking at renewable energy options with Electrify Nevada event.
August 2022

Keith Dennis Interviewed on The Jim Leach Show
Jim Leach, WMAY News, Springfield, Il, interviewed Keith Dennis, BEL's CEO, on the Illinois Electrification Leadership Summit.
August 2022

Alex Hofmann Joins the Beneficial Electrification League
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) is delighted to announce that Alex Hofmann has joined as Chief Strategy and Operations Officer.
July 2022

Beneficial Electrification League Announces “Weatherization-Electrification Together”
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) today announced the launch of “Weatherization-Electrification Together,” a national initiative to electrify low- and moderate-income and disadvantaged communities.
May 2022

Energy Leaders Convene May 9 at “Electrify Nevada!”
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) and broad array of public and private sector stakeholders are convening dozens of Nevada’s top energy leaders Monday, May 9, 2022, at “Electrify Nevada,”...
May 2022

Try it – You’ll Like It!
Connected Communities, Like EVs, Are Appealing to Those Who Experience Them
February 2022

BEL’s Input to the EPA on its Clean School Bus Program
This week, the Beneficial Electrification League sent comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on its Clean School Bus program. Our message was simple and straightforward...
February 2022

Beneficial Electrification League Launches Electric School Bus Initiative
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) today announced a new initiative to accelerate the deployment of electric school buses (ESBs) in electric cooperative service territories throughout the country.
January 2022

Electrification Grants: Beneficial Electrification League program helps co-ops promote electric uses locally
When leaders at Beartooth Electric Cooperative in Montana were looking to offset the costs of a project that would bring the benefits of electricity use and efficiency to an affordable housing development, they turned to an unlikely financing source.
January 2022


Montana Co-op Helps Build Affordable All-Electric Home
In south-central Montana, where winters deliver frequent sub-zero days, yesterday's heat pumps have gotten a pretty bad rap. But an electric cooperative is on a mission to change that with an all-electric home equipped with advanced technology that can keep residents warm and save money.
December 2021

Beneficial Electrification League Names Keith Dennis President
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) announced today that Keith Dennis, former Vice President of Business and Technology Strategies at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), will become the BEL’s President effective immediately.
December 2021

BEL’s Input to the USDA on the New Climate-Smart Agriculture Initiative
The Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) was pleased to provide input to the USDA on the new Climate-Smart Agriculture Initiative via comments solicited through a request for stakeholder input issued by the Agency.
November 2021

We Need to Talk About Your Gas Stove, Your Health and Climate Change
Americans love their gas stoves. It's a romance fueled by a decades-old "cooking with gas" campaign from utilities that includes vintage advertisements, a cringeworthy 1980s rap video and, more recently, social media personalities. The details have changed over time, but the message is the same: Using a gas stove makes you a better cook.
October 2021

Gas or Electric Range: Which Is Better?
Electric stoves outperform their gas counterparts! Helping the general public (and home builders) to give electric stoves another look can go a long way towards achieving beneficial electrification as the stove is one of the only appliances where a consumer might have a gas/electric preference—nobody generally cares how their water or air is heated as long as it hot when they want it to be.
September 2021

An Assessment of Electrification Impacts on the Pepco DC System
A great study from the Brattle Group on the effect of electrification, energy efficiency and load growth shows load growth to be within historical trends (yet above what it would be with out electrification) and how robust load flexibility and EE reduce peak load growth.
August 2021

Love Electric Website Launches
Providing energy efficient heating + cooling information and rebate guides for Colorado homeowners.
June 2021

ECO Act Passes and Paves Way to Modernize Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program
The Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Act, a bill many years in the making, passed the legislature Monday with a decisive bipartisan vote of 58-9 in the Minnesota Senate and is expected to be signed by Gov. Walz by the end of the month.
May 2021

Over $100,000 awarded to support beneficial electrification by utilities, farms and consumer groups in five states
Beneficial Electrification League to fund innovations to drive energy savings and environmental benefits for groups in Montana, Indiana, South Dakota, Iowa and North Carolina. Read our announcement for more information.
May 2021

New Beneficial Electrification Grant Opportunity
The BEL is pleased to announce the availability of funding for grants that advance our mission to increase understanding on the benefits of electrification. Please read our announcement for more information.
March 2021


For Businesses – Choose Electricity!
An animated video that discusses the benefits of electrifying businesses, from cost savings to performance improvements and meeting environmental and sustainability goals.
August 2020

Electrify Your World!
An animated video that discusses the benefits of choosing electricity to power your everyday life, from your home, to your car and even your lawn equipment.
August 2020

Check out the League’s new ‘What is Beneficial Electrification?’ animated video!
February 2020

The New Notion of Electricity!
BEL Featured in National Utility Customer Publication
Derived from NRECA’s Straight Talk Service
August 2020

Radio Wave Grain Drying for Beneficial Electrification
Beneficial electrification in Agriculture
May 2020

Co-ops Staff Up on Beneficial Electrification to Meet Members' Needs
BEL Featured in NRECA Article
May 2020

Meet the People Preparing to Amp Up Building Electrification
Beneficial Electrification League featured in BuldingGreen article on Building Electrification
April 2020

Alaska is Made for Beneficial Electrification!
BEL Featured in NRECA Article
March 2020

A Co-op Groundswell for Beneficial Electrification!
BEL Featured in Article
March 2020

Electrification in Home Heating and Water Heating
BEL Co-Branded Tech Surveillance Publication
March 2020

League Of Their Own
BEL Featured in Rural Electric Magazine Article
February 2020



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