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About BEL's Member-Sponsor Network

Beneficial electrification is one of the most powerful movements in the world of clean energy. Improved technologies, recently announced grant and additional financing options, and new programs have produced a perfect storm of opportunity for both the public and private sectors to cut energy costs while creating jobs, improving the economy, and reducing emissions.

Joining BEL's member-sponsor network provides utilities, businesses, trade associations, non-profits, and other organizations the opportunity to support BEL's work. Please note that BEL is not a trade association and joining BEL's member does not convey membership in an association, but rather the opportunity to support BEL's 501c3 mission.

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To learn more about the BEL Member-Sponsor Program, view the BEL Member-Sponsor Program Overview or email to arrange a time to talk.

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To sign up, please complete the BEL member-sponsor application form or contact for assistance.

BEL’s Mission

Our mission is to increase understanding on the benefits of electrification by promoting the market acceptance of beneficial electrification, educate policy makers on the value, benefits and tools of Beneficial Electrification and serve as a conduit and facilitator of BE resources.