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Weatherization / Electrification

W/E Together

Combining home weatherization and electrification to make life better for low and moderate-income customers, the environment and the electric grid. We are building efficiency inside and out.

Weatherization / Electrification Together Program Overview

The W/E Together initiative improves building efficiency by tackling the challenge of heating and cooling from two different directions: first, improve the building envelope to reduce energy loss, and second, install high-efficiency, right-sized electric appliances to reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. These appliances can also lower peak demand, reducing stress on the grid. This inside and out approach will lower bills, improve air quality and, scaled up, can promote a robust, resilient and equitable energy system.


W/E Together Site Visit Guide

The purpose of this document is to facilitate comprehensive documentation of site visits when integrating electrification into conventional energy audits and home weatherization activities. This tool can establish the needs assessment as rebates become available.

W/E Together Initial Findings

This 2-page report highlights pilot project weatherization and electrification upgrades of challenging houses in two rural communities, one in the Southwest and one in the Southeast.

Heat Pump Water Heater LMI Case Study

Results - This report highlights pilot project including grid-interactive heat pump water heating in manufactured housing.

Electric Water Heating Research

This ground-breaking research explores which type of water heater to use in different situations in single-family homes.

Summit Slides

Project Partners and Participants

The Beneficial Electrification League is a convenor for this project. Our primary participants are Generation and Transmission cooperatives and distribution cooperatives that collectively represent over 350 distribution cooperatives across more than 32 states.

Wells Fargo

W/E Together Advisory Board

Anza Electric Cooperative
Dakota Electric Association
Electric Cooperative Innovation Center
Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina
Flint Energies
Holy Cross Energy
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Riverside Community Action Partnership
Roanoke EMC
Sol Systems
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Riverside Community Action Partnership